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Texas State University

Risk Management

Assessing and Managing Risk

The ISO provides regular vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, and confidential information discovery through our risk management service. In addition, this service also includes annual risk assessment and device registration guidance for Technical Support Professionals (TSPs) as well as comprehensive mitigation strategies for the campus.


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Submit Risk Assessments

Beacon is our easy-to-use risk assessment platform. Use your NetID to log on through SSO. Accessible only from the campus network or via the Remote Access VPN.
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Risk Lifecycle

All risk has a lifecycle and must be checked regularly. Ongoing risk assessments for certain objects should be expected by Information Resource Owners.
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Unauthorized Services

Unauthorized third-party cloud hosted services are not permitted on the Texas State network. Read more about what this means and how it applies.

Defining Risk

Risk is a measurement of the extent to which an entity, a mobile device, a person, an organization, etc, is threatened by a potential circumstance or event. The ISO measures, tracks, and mitigates risk through a specific process of survey, assessment, and responsive action. When considering risk, we think about the adverse impacts that would arise if a particular circumstance or event were to occur and the likelihood of such an occurrence. 

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Information Security Glossary

The information security glossary is a searchable and filterable glossary of terms and definitions we use in all aspects of our work. Familiarize yourself with this terminology to deepen your understanding of information security at Texas State University.