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Securing Confidential Information

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Rick Myers, Information Security Analyst II
JD Moore, Information Security Analyst I
Joel Ausanka, IT Project Coordinator
Information Security Office

Date and Time
Check the Professional Development website.

The Information Security Office protects data on campus through a combination of technology, policies, and the due diligence of employees. All university employees are responsible for the the protection information, so it is vital that we all know where we fit into the big picture. 

If you work with sensitive or confidential information then you need to know your role in protecting that data. This class is available to help educate you about how to best protect sensitive and confidential data, as well as manage security issues for individuals and teams. 

Join the Information Security team to learn about our shared responsibility to protect sensitive and confidential information. This class is open to everyone and no prior experience is required.

Topics include:

  • Best practices to help keep our information secure
  • Using wireless networks
  • How to stay secure when you travel
  • Working securely from home
  • Practical password management
  • Email and internet browser security
  • Using mobile and smart devices
    • Location services
    • Encryption
    • What to do if you lose your device
  • Storing and sending confidential information on and off campus
  • How Texas State University protects your information
  • How information is classified at Texas State University (don’t miss this if you are a department head)
  • How to use available resources to keep confidential information secure
  • Making decisions about your information privacy
  • What to do if your confidential information is compromised

Check the Professional Development Web site to register for this workshop.

If you require special accommodations to participate, please call 245.7899 at least 72 hours prior to the event.