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Cybersecurity Training HB3834

Mandatory Training for Faculty and Staff

The landscape of cyber threats has changed drastically in the past few years, with state and local agencies all across the country falling victim to cyber attacks and ransomware. During the 2019 legislative session the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 3834, requiring all state employees who conduct a certain percentage of their work on a computer to take an hour of cybersecurity training each year.
Texas State University is committed to ensuring all faculty and staff are educated about cybersecurity and the threats we all face online. In order to bring all faculty and staff into compliance with the new training requirements, the Information Security Office has created a Learning Path in LinkedIn Learning for all faculty and staff to complete, which will be followed by a short exam hosted in SAP. 
This new approach to training is different than what has been undertaken before and will offer a more engaging online training experience than is typical for modules taken in SAP. Further instructions will be provided inside the training module on SAP to help users navigate this new experience.
Enrollment in the course is available now and all faculty and staff must be in compliance by June 14, 2020 to meet state-mandated training requirements.
 To enroll in the training, go to and click on "Cybersecurity Training" or do the following:

    1.    Log into the SAP   
    2.    Click the "Training and Development" tab.  
    3.    In the Course Catalog Box, click on Employee Information and Legal Issues.  
    4.    On the resulting list, scroll to and click on Click "Cybersecurity Training"  
    5.    Click "Book This Course."   
    6.    Click "OK."  
    7.    Click "Start Course Now." 


For employees who require and ADA compliant version, please contact the Information Security Office at